Parents/Guardians please keep an eye out for your child's academic progress reports. These were sent home yesterday and need to be signed and returned back to school. Also power school passwords were sent home a few weeks ago, this will enable you to monitor your child's learning, academic progress, and attendance in classes. If you need technical support, please contact the district's technology dept.

    In science class grades 6-8 we are completing our soil data project. Starting next week we will begin to build dams out of various natural supplies found around campus. If possible, please send in some shoe boxes to help our kids make the dams. Shoe boxes or tops to printer paper boxes only please!!!!!

    Reminder: Students are NOT permitted to bring open containers of beverages into school at any point in the day. Please do not allow your child to bring this into school. They will be forced to surrender it and/or dispose of it upon entry of the school building.

    Parent teacher conferences are right around the corner. I know we all have busy schedules so some of my available times for conferences will be before school and during school. I will be conducting parent teacher conferences between 6:40am-7:15 and from 1:35 to 3pm on those days designated for middle school conferences. Please note these times are in addition to the set conference hours designated by Pittsfield Public Schools.


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