Welcome to EOS math and science

    Welcome to Mr. Cherry's home page.

    This is my first year at Herberg Middle School, but my 15th year as an educator. I come to Herberg with experience in both general and special education in grades K-12.

    Class Motto: "Yes I can, today I will do my best to be my best. I will listen and follow directions, I will be honest and respect the rights of others. I can learn and I will learn, I am unlimited! If it is to be, then it is up to me, in room 140 the dream is alive!

    Classroom rules and expectations:
    • All students will be given the right to learn in a safe, caring at atmosphere
    • No fighting, swearing, or any type of horseplay
    • Respect others and their personal space
    • Be prepared to learn each day
    • Use manners
    • Talk to others the way you want to be spoken to
    • Ask for space when needed
    • Raise your hands and wait to be called on
    • Have fun and work hard
    Contact info:
    Email- hcherry@pittsfield.net
    Class phone- 413-448-9647 EXT#4140 (if this is an urgent call, please call the main office as I do not check messages during instructional time)
    Room Number 140
    I am here at school from 6:30am-2:50pm M-F


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